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Network TwentyOne Founder Jim Dornan leads the Opening Dedication of The Ambassador High School

Release Date: March 7, 2006

On March 6, 2007 dedication ceremonies were conducted at the Ambassador High School in Vasai, India (just outside of Mumbai). The festivities were begun with a prayer of dedication by Pastor Karl Silva and a tour of the facilities, followed by a program conducted by the students, which included dance, song and drama presentations. Jim Dornan's speech inspired the 150 attendees on this auspicious occasion, as he shared his vision of the school's role in the community and the role that the Ambassador High School will play in the lives of children for generations to come.

Jim & Nancy Dornan and Network TwentyOne, through its organization of the non profit Ambassador Fund organization, along side many of Network TwentyOne's global partners lead the fundraising campaign and were responsible for over 75% of the funds raised to build the Ambassador High School.

Students from the community are now being registered for the school year that begins June, 2006. They will be joined in the Ambassador High School classrooms by the Karuna Sharan orphans, who are currently being educated in temporary shelters by a team of dedicated, talented teachers.

The next step, and the second phase of this project, is to construct a hostel on the school property, which will house 100 orphaned children of Karuna Sharan. The need is for $250,000 and the plan is to house girls and their house parents on one floor and boys with their house parents on the second floor. When the first hostel is completed the children will be relocated from their current, temporary homes to the hostel.

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