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Many years ago, Jim and Nancy Dornan realized that there is no success in life without significance. Unless you can do something important and transcendent for someone else, something that changes their lives, you really have not had success in life. The longing in the human spirit to do something significant is the inspiration behind the Dornan's creation of Network of Caring.

As the Dornans shared the idea of giving back with their business associates at Network TwentyOne, a worldwide team got behind the vision of Network of Caring. And now, years later, the global work of Network of Caring is primarily funded by the independent business owners of Network TwentyOne.

Network of Caring...

The Vision: To meet the most basic needs of people.

The Mission: To bring together those with the need for help and those with the need to help, that both may experience significance.

The Process: To unite and inspire a network of caring friends to serve those in need.

The Invitation: For people to experience significance by partnering with Network of Caring to change the lives of others.

The needs that have been the focus of Network of Caring over the years are represented in three categories: Children, Chairs, and Choices.

Below you will see some of the initiatives we have funded. Since our inception, our Network TwentyOne business partners have given Network of Caring more than $56 million to meet the needs of over 200,000 people across the globe. And because the Dornan family underwrites all the expenses of Network of Caring, the entire $56 million raised was given to change lives worldwide!

Children - Helping the Youngest of the Needy

World Vision
Network TwentyOne is the most generous corporate sponsor of World Vision, one of the world's largest child sponsorship organizations. Through Network of Caring, an estimated 60,000 children have been rescued from poverty

Karuna Sharan Welfare Program
Network of Caring launched Karuna Sharan in 2001, to provide for the needs of orphans with no homes or food. The Karuna Sharan School and Orphans Home was then built in 2007, housing hundreds of orphans and educating thousands of other children.

Deaf Children’s School, Kaifeng China
Network of Caring also provides the coal to heat a deaf children's school in China as well as providing each deaf child a hearing aid. Network of Caring has supplied the school with hearing aids, audio testing equipment, heating fuel, bedding, and kitchen equipment.

"Make a Wish" Initiatives
Through our partnership with Reach for a Dream, Network of Caring has made the special dreams of terminally ill children come true.

Chairs - Helping the Disabled

Fernando Foundation
Jim and Nancy Dornan became aware of the needs of the handicapped in a very personal way when their son Eric was born with Spina Bifida in 1974. They believed that even a disabled person could do great things, and with that belief, the Dornans launched the Fernando Foundation in 2002, with the mission of "enabling power wheelchair athletics worldwide". Since then, 60 power wheelchair soccer teams have been launched in the U.S. giving hundreds of disabled athletes the opportunities of competition and camaraderie.

Wheelchair Mission
In partnership with Free Wheelchair Mission, Network of Caring has delivered over 7,500 wheelchairs to the disabled in the world. Formerly forced to crawl on the ground or be carried by loved ones, thousands who were without mobility are finding dignity and life through Network of Caring’s wheelchair program. According to FWM, Network of Caring has become the largest corporate sponsor of wheelchairs in their history.

Choices - Helping Those Without Opportunity

Through Jim Dornan's generosity to EQUIP, John Maxwell's leadership training foundation, nearly two million leaders have been trained worldwide in the arenas of government, religion, business, and education. As a result of this leadership training, Network of Caring is creating a powerful force for good around the world.

Emergency Humanitarian Aid Initiatives
After a natural disaster strikes and destroys a community, Network of Caring is there, to aid in the recovery. When the tsunami flooded Indonesia and the typhoons ravaged Philippines, Network of Caring provided materials to rebuild communities. And with the first news of the earthquake in Haiti, Network of Caring went into action providing medical supplies, food, water, and wheelchairs.

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